Sunday, 15 July 2012

No going back now...

I have found that there is something very scary but oddly satsifying in drilling big holes in the bodywork of your own car.  The first job that really means no going back, fitting the bonnet and engine cover pins.

After much faffing and trying to decide the best place to put them, it seemed best just to get the drill out and start.  The neighbours were a bit confused as to why I was in the car with a drill but hey ho.

First up the front bonnet (but just a spare wheel inside as the engine is in the back).  Here is a pic of the holes drilled inside the bay, and the bolts attached.  Still nothing too scary has happened yet...

And now the scary one, drilling a hole the bonnet.  Best just to take a deep breath and press that drill button :-0

Then you make the hole even bigger, and pray to the god of holes that it is in the right place.  Screw in the clips and voila! Here is one I made earlier.

Time to take a deep breath, and then rinse and repeat on the engine cover. Same thing but a bit trickier as there is less metal to put the bolts in.  Had to put them quite near the edge in the end.

Not quite done as I have to disconnect the standard mechanism so that they are just held in place by the pins, but thought it might be a good idea to see if they actually stay on for a bit first.

So quite a scary day, but we are definitely making some progress!

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