Wednesday, 11 July 2012

New Wheels.

Next up is sorting the wheels out. Currently the wheels on the car look like this:

Now this is all well and good, but unfortunately these are 17 inch rims and the championship requires stock 15 inch rims :-(

So after a bit of a trawl through the ebay and gumtree managed to pick up a set with pretty decent tyres on for 50 quid.  Hurray!  A quick spin down to Rochester to pick them up and they are now in the spare room with the washing...

So why are they not on the car? Well, as usual there is always a complication, and in this case the wheel nuts the are on the 17 inch wheels (60 degree chamfer) are different to the ones needed on the 15 inch wheels (flat face).  So I have had to order a set of original wheel nuts in order to put on the original wheels.  Stupidly these cost almost half the amount that all 4 wheels and tyres cost!

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