Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The beginning...

So track days are great fun, but there were a few problems that were becoming a pain.

1. The car had to be driven home afterwards so we had to always be a bit careful with how we treated the car.
2. After doing a sprint day, the lack of competition on track days made them lacking.
3. Want to be a racing driver!

What could the solution be? How about a bit of club racing? Mmmm.

Looking at the various clubs and entry level series, decided on MR2 racing with the 750 motor club.  This gave a good selection of circuits, limited modifications allowed and single car type so should give fair racing without spending a fortune (in theory!).  Also MR2s look cool :-)

After popping along to Donnington to meet the head of the series, we had a good read of all the info and started thinking about exactly what to get and where to get a donor car.  And then went out and bought one on a bit of an impulse!

Here it is in all it's glory before the drive home from the previous owners.  Now to get it home...

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