Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The drive home.

So what have we just bought?

It's a 1997 Japanese import with hard top.  This is good as it means no mucking about welding the sunroof shut, and also means it's the Revision 3 with the 172ish BHP engine.

Not so good is that it's on 17inch rims which will have to go, and at some point apparently hit a badger which damaged the front bumper a bit.  This doesn't really matter as the body is going to get knocked about anyway.  The badger was a bit annoyed though.

It's got a new clutch (allegedly..), an induction kit and rather handily comes with a complete set of polybushes the previous owner bought but never fitted.  Result!

So off we go down the motor way and oooh that induction kit sound nice :-)

10 minutes later suddenly there is a massive scraping/grinding noise coming from the front. Aaaghh!
Pulling over I can't see anything obviously wrong so carry on but with a bit more care... 

Hmm, why am I being flashed by everyone now it's dark? Also why do I have no dashboard lights... oh oh.  A quick check reveals that I have in fact got no rear lights either :-(
This is not ideal.

So I get home without being rear ended by a lorry and go to sleep muttering and not happy.  These problems will just have to wait for the morning...

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