Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Buckets

So after a trip down to Road and Race gear in hangar lane I decided on a pair of Sparco Sprint V bucket seats.  These are only the entry level steel frame seats but I actually found them more comfy than the carbon fibre ones, I didn't just buy them because they were the cheapest - honest!

A quick phone call to Rogue motorsport and I had ordered the subframes to bolt them into the car. 

A few days later and all the stuff turned up so time to put it in...  this turned out to be a right pain in the backside however.

There were loads of different combinations of ways to put everything in, and after much trial and error I finally got it the right way round so that the damn things fit, and just about managed to get everything in.  I swear that not a single thing lined up straight :-(

So in case anyone needs to ever do this, here is what the frames look like installed.

The standard seats remove with 4 bolts, and then the same bolts go back in with the new subframes.

Then the side mounts go in.  This was the painful bit getting them in the right place.  I can't actually remember if this photo is the right way round or if I took it out again afterwards...

But, after all that, they are in and they are amazing.  They really hold you in place, and when the harnesses go in will be even better.  Oh, they have to come out again to put the harnesses in :-O

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