Thursday, 16 August 2012

Cut it out.

Finally it was time to bite the bullet and attempt the electronics.  Small problem is I have no idea what I am doing, but I know a man who does :-)

So a return visit to Frankie's is arranged, and this time I actually turn up with the parts that are needed.  Well most of them, we still have to take the obligatory trip to halfords to get a few more bits.

Next up is a lot of looking at things and stroking of chins, before we dive in and start wiring things up.  First up we take the live cable off the battery and extend it inside the car to behind the switch panel and attach it to the big connector.  From the other side the other half of the large cable (25mm2 if you are interested, which you won't be) goes back and reattaches to the battery.

Lets test this by turning the switch and hooray! All power is disconnected!

The second job is to attach the ignition wire to the small connectors to kill the engine as soon as the switch is twisted.  This was always going to be tricky as we had no idea what wire it was.  After much messing about pulling things apart near the key tunnel, we consulted the forum and lo and behold found it was the "black wire with an orange stripe".  And there was! Looks like it already has something to do with the alarm attached as well.  So we bravely chop the wire in half and run it to the switch.

The final connection is to take a power lead to one side of the other connection and run a resistor to the bodywork.  This stops the car blowing up when you turn the switch while the engine is running, so is therefore heartily recommend.  Chris use his electro skills to do this nicely and I was the bolt monkey.

So now for the big one.  Start the engine and get ready to twist.  Hopefully the car will not explode or blow every component.  And.  Twist.  We live!  And the car has shut itself off too!  Exclamation marks!  This shouldn't be as exciting as it is, but we are laughing our heads off and both want another go.

Here is a picture of the panel in-situ even though it looks the same as another posts picture.  I don't like posts without at least one picture you see.

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