Sunday, 5 August 2012

I am Kwik fit. But slower.

Went to see Frankie about installing the cut off switch (what with him being an eletrician and everything, thought he might stop me electrocuting myself), but the shop managed to have nothing we needed so a small change of plan.  Decided to fit the new discs and pads instead.

While talking about Frankie, I didn't mention before but he has also decided to join in and has bought himself an old MR2 too!  Looks like we are going to go racing togther next year.  And little Frankie.  What could possibly go wrong there? :-O

So I thought installing the seat was a pain in the arse.  Oh no.  This was.

It seems the discs have been on the car for about 10,000 years and did not want to come off.  Here is what they looked like when I started:


When I say they did not want to come off, I mean they DID NOT WANT TO COME OFF.

Firstly the bolts on the back of the caliper holder thingie (technical term) were absolutely frozen solid.  No amount of whacking, levering, praying or swearing would move it.  My somewhat unorthadox method of rfinally emoving them was to put a spanner on and then jack the 1.5 tonne trolley jack up underneath the spanner.  The car was actually lifting up before the bolt finally freed up.

Hurrah! And now just to remove the disc... oh oh.  This also did not want to budge.  Cue more swearing and banging.  No luck.  A final and probably highly dangerous brainwave was to wedge the other jack between the arch and the back of the disc and crank away.  After an unbelievable amount of pressure the thing finally gave way with a highly concerning crack.

After this putting on the new one wasn't that hard, except I found that there was no lubrication anywhere and the sliders were bone dry.  A bit of jiggery pokery later and voila!  One corner complete. It only took 2 hours :-O


So there we are.  You might notice that the pads are yellow, this is because they are ECB yellow stuff racing pads :-)

After this I had kind of worked out what I was doing, so managed to finish the other 3 corners in a mere 3 more hours...  Cripes.

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