Thursday, 7 February 2013

Big Long Overdue Update and TV news!

Ok, so I was full of good intentions about keeping this blog regularly updated, but erm... that didn't quite happen.

So here is the big long overdue update!

The car is now pretty much finished, on top of everything that was done by the last blog post it now has external pull switches, a plumbed in fire extinguisher, another set of wheels with part worn race tyres and a full set of lowered springs installed by yours truly.

If you have been following the blog then you will have spotted that I got the arse with a couple of jobs along the way.  Well, this job was worse than all of those put together.  If you ever have an urge to replace the suspension on a car outside your home, please don't.  Just get someone else to do it.

However, many, many hours and one severely mashed thumb later (hit it with a mallet would you believe) it was finally complete.  Hooray!

Also since the last post I attempted to attend a training day and my ARDS license test, and both got cancelled due to the damn snow :-(  Never mind, they have rescheduled for in a couple of weeks time.

The audi TT has gone and has been replaced with a diesel Frontera 4x4, and I've booked a trailer for all the race dates with a random man in Billericay.

Anyway, more exciting news! It was announced that the whole season is now going to be broadcast on Motors TV, with a 30 minute programme dedicated to the MR2s each race.  How cool is that :-)

I am officially registered with the championship now, and have a number and everything.  We will be racing as number 80.  Chosen for the highly scientific reason that it looks nice, and it kind of looks a bit like "BO" from Azbo/Bola.  Yes I am that sad.

So it is all a bit real now, and with just 6 weeks to go until the first race am getting rather excited.

The full schedule can be found at the 750mc site, but the first race is Donnington 23rd March, and the second, closer, race is Brands Hatch on April 28th.

Here are some pictures of how it looks now.  Nice and rough :-)  It might even give it a clean before we start putting the stickers on...

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